Silicon Sleeve

SILICON can be offered in a sleeve design instead of coating, which translates to less roll repair time. Sleeves are readily available in commonly used roller diameters. Instead of sending rollers for reworking when there is failure, Silicon Sleeves can be easily removed and replaced with relatively inexpensive replacement sleeves. Downtime is significantly reduced for a properly designed treating station. A spare roll is normally recommended in addition. These benefits along with excellent electrical strength of silicon, makes it a popular dielectric material.

Sleeve ID Sleeve Wall Thick Bare Roller OD
36MM ID +/-0.25MM 2MM +/-0.2MM 45
42 MM ID +/-0.25MM 3.5MM +/-0.2MM 55
57 MM ID +/-0.25MM 3MM +/-0.2MM 70
65 MM ID +/-0.25MM 3MM +/-0.2MM 75
75 MM ID +/-0.25MM 3MM +/-0.2MM 85
89 MM ID +/-0.25MM 3MM +/-0.2MM 100
100 MM ID +/-0.25MM 2.5MM +/-0.2MM 110
110 MM ID +/-0.25MM 2.5MM +/-0.2MM 122
141 MM ID +/-0.25MM 2.5MM +/-0.2MM 150
187 MM ID +/-0.25MM 2.2MM +/-0.2MM 200