Solutions for blown films surface treatment

IEEC’s RFI Corona Treatment System is a perfect solution to all problems related to surface treatment for blown films. The rigid mechanical structure ensures absolute uniform air gap across the web width, ensuring perfect treatment levels at all times. The system is available in segmented as well as fixed type electrode structure.

Technical advantages include:

  • Web widths up p 3000mm
  • Line speeds up to 200mpm
  • Single or double sided treatment
  • Corona Treater Rollers covered with high dielectric grade silicone sleeves
  • Electrodes coated with corrosion resistant chemical
  • Aluminium segments in widths of 3mm or 10mm
  • Electrode head fabricated out of stainless steel
  • Pneumatically actuated treating heads for easy threading of the films.
  • 1dler rollers at film entry & exit to ensure wrap angle of film with treater roller
  • Fin type fixed electrode made of Aluminium with corrosion resistant coating
  • Easy Inline air gap adjustment with knobs provided externally on the ducts
  • S.S. Braided double dielectric sheathed high tension cable to ensure safety
  • Dynamically and statically balanced rollers
  • Proximity switch for zero speed sensing & closed loop feedback for Auto watt density control
  • Assembly open safety switch for human safety
  • Rigid cross members and electrode holding bars to ensure uniform and parallel air gaps

Optional features


Silicon or Ceramic-coated Treater Rollers


Spreader Roller at the film entry and exit


Stainless steel rod type fixed electrodes


Air gap adjusters with digital readout

Product installed on site