Who we are ?

Pioneering innovative surface treatment, surface activation and automation solutions

IEEC (Industrial Electronics Equipment Corporation) is a leading supplier of Electronic Process Control Equipment, and developer of quality Corona & Plasma Treatment systems, Automation Solutions and Moving Band Pinning Systems for BoPET films.

Registered in 1969 in Mumbai, formerly known as PBJ – Industrial Electronics Pvt Ltd, IEEC is a fully-indigenous organisation that caters to Indian and International clients seeking specialized equipment in Extrusion, Converting and Surface Pre-treatment applications. Backed by intensive Research & Development and excellent after-sales service, we deliver upon our vision to achieve total customer satisfaction by continually improving our products and services.

Leading the way through advanced technology

At the core of our innovative culture are goals that drive our processes and people:

Indian OEMs

Developing reliable state-of-the-art electronic systems for Indian OEMs

Sophisticated Systems

Fitting conventional plants and machinery with sophisticated systems

Designing and Developing

Designing and developing indigenous electronic process control systems for imported machinery and imported substitutes

Establishing a network

Establishing a network of service centres for offering prompt and efficient technological back-up to customers

We are credited with introducing high-technology systems, like Ultra High Frequency Corona Treatment Systems. We cater to a diversified customer group with a comprehensive range of Temperature Controllers, Web Tension Systems and more.


Running a successful business
since 1969

IEEC’s 16,000 sq. ft. manufacturing hub at Kandivali in suburban Mumbai is not only fitted with best equipment but is backed by a technologically-sound workforce. It also houses a Government-approved R & D facility along with other departments. Our passion to innovate and build better and user-friendly products has helped us expand to nine Indian offices and International partnerships.

We specialize in delivering highly-personalized solutions, and have partnered with OEMs to provide custom-fitted Corona Treatment Systems. Our 150 employees provide the finest solutions across Printing, packaging and Lamination needs. We believe that our success is a reflection of our ability to innovate and build newer technologies for the Surface pre-treatment industry.


We are a Company that is born out of a passion and dedication for the printing and packaging industry. From a germ of an idea in 1969, IEEC has grown into a leading and indigenous organisation that invests in processes to deliver dependable solutions to our clients at all times.
Here is a look into the milestones that built us:

Our milestones in the last 5 decades

  • 1969
    PBJ Industrial Electronics Pvt Ltd. at Matunga, Mumbai.
  • 1970
    We successfully developed India’s first solid state temperature controller.
  • 1972
    We developed control panels for:
    • 1. Kautex-Maneklal for blow moulding machine
    • 2. RH Windsor India Ltd for injection moulding machine
    • 3 SLM Maneklal for textile machines
  • 1973
    IEEC became a family of 25 people.
  • 1974
    Successfully developed the first DC drive.
  • 1975
    We built:
    • 1. Corona treatment system for blown film plant.
    • 2. High frequency pinning generator for polyester plant for supplying to Garware - 50 % of plastic machine manufacturers followed suit and standardized IEEC for their requirements.
  • 1978
    With our team, we:
    • 1. Manufactured control panel windsor extrusion for pipes,
    • 2. Developed turnkey automation solutions for blown films plants
    • 3. Developed tension control system for 8 µ pvc films
  • 1980
    By now, IEEC catered to the needs of 90% OEMs in converting industry. We:
    • 1. Manufactured panels for extrusion lamination machines & extrusion slit film plants (Rafia)
    • 2. Manufactured control panels of printing, slitting and coating machines
    • 3. Developed India’s first High Frequency Corona Treater with quartz electrodes for the treatment of conductive and non-conductive films
  • 1981 – 2000
    Breaching new frontiers in development
  • 1982
    To lend greater support to our clients across the country, we established Customer Support Centers in key locations of Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Ahmedabad.
  • 1985
    We developed High Frequency Corona Treaters by using IGBT technology, and also expanded out service centres in Vapi and Hyderabad.
  • 1987
    We developed corona treaters with ceramic electrodes to treat metalized substrates.
  • 1990
    We successfully developed
    • 1. 30 kw corona generator
    • 2. Pinning system with very low ripple factor
    • 3. Corona treaters for high speed
  • 1998
    We developed India’s first blown arc plasma treatment system.
  • 2001
    Self and Independent Unit Started in Kandivali.
  • 2004
    By participating in shows, we expanded our roots around the world.
  • 2005
    To cater to the specific needs of the narrow web and label printing industries, we developed narrow web corona treatment systems
  • 2008
    For the first time in India, we developed the blow ion plasma treatment system.
  • 2010
    We developed state-of-the art complete moving band pinning system for BoPET films
  • 2012
    Developed :
    • 1. Ozone generator for extrusion lamination application
    • 2. Ozone destructor
  • 2015
    Registered as IEEC Power Electronics Pvt Ltd.Developed India’s First 80KW Corona Generator
  • 2016
    Introduced digital Corona treater with HMI Interface with remote diagnosis function Also awarded as the Best Design from India Design Mark for Narrow web & Label Corona Treater
  • 2017
    push pull arrangement for wide web width
  • 2019
    Successfully Completed 50 years in Surface Treatment Industry
  • 2020
    “Knowing Surface Treatment” the E-Book Published by IEEC


  • 1st company to start Corona Treater manufacturing in India
  • High efficiency of corona treatment >93%
  • Treaters designed to match speeds as high as 1500mpm
  • Wide range of Corona Generators capacity from 0.5 Kw to 80 Kw
  • 4th Generation IGBT technology
  • Minimalistic use of PCB’s
  • Treatment Widths upto 10 Mtrs
  • Auto Watt-Density Control Feature
  • Frequency automatically adjusted as per the substrate thickness
  • Auto Tuning of frequency as per the substrate
  • Actual Power Display on the HMI
  • Wet Start option to remove the humidity from the electrodes
  • Highly efficient Spark Trip Function
  • High Speed Off Tune trip To safe Guard the Inverter
  • Compact treating station
  • Aero-Dynamically designed electrode Duct For maximum Cooling Efficiency
  • Negative Pressure Switch to maintain proper Cooling pressure for electrodes ( NO FLOW Switch is USED)
  • Easy Cleaning of Electrodes
  • Online Gap adjustment facility with Digital readout of the gaps set
  • Coloured HMI with graphs and trends for easy monitoring
  • Operator friendly Trouble shooting guide on the HMI
  • India Design Mark Awardee in 2016 for Narrow Web Treater
  • Ceramic Coated Rollers for Efficient treatment of Non Polar Substrates
  • Ridge profile Ceramic Electrodes to have dense and luminous discharge across the web width
  • Wide Width Ceramic Electrode with handling capacity of 0.75 Kw/mtr
  • Nip Roller for positive pressure at the film entry to avoid back side treatment
  • Pneumatic Actuation for easy treading of the film
  • Rigid Guide Rails used for maintaining the linearity of actuation
  • Driven Roller Arrangement
  • Efficient and non corrosive Ozone Extraction System
  • Well Synchronised Driven Roller with the machine line speeds
  • Tailor made systems to suit the existing web path
  • Online Monitoring & Control of the Corona parameters using tablets and smartphones
  • Rustproof materials used