Ozone is majorly used globally for Sterilization and sanitization in clean rooms, surgical areas and FMCG companies before packing. At this modern Era of Packaging, there is a huge demand for high-quality laminates. We can treat first and second substrates by corona treater but we cannot treat the Hot Melt Poly for which Ozone can play an important role to eliminate these problems and give efficient bond strengths at high line speeds.

The manufacturers of this advanced packaging unit who are using the extrusion coating process must get good bond strengths between their laminates. To achieve good bond strength, avoid odour and off-taste we have to compromise in line speed.

As we know that the Excessive melt- Oxidation degrades the polymer, which eventually results in the odor or off-taste. This is a serious issue when the end product is to be used for food packaging.

Ozone Treatment, not only increases Surface Tension (Dyne/cm) of the Hot Melt Poly coming out of extruder but also has the following benefits.

  • Reduce Melt Temperatures.
  • Reduce Odour and Off Taste.
  • Increase Line Speeds.
  • Eliminate Use of Primers.
  • Improve Heat Sealability.