wide web films

Advantages & Features.

Reliable solutions for challenging treatments of wide web films

Corona treatment for wide web films has always been a challenging issue. IEEC’s RFI-WW corona treaters are a reliable and guaranteed solution for wide web treatment applications. Whether it’s Corona Treatments for BOPP, BOPET or for extrusion coating on cross woven fabrics IEEC Wide Web Corona Treatment Systems serve these purposes perfectly.

Technical Advantages

  • Web width up to 8700 mm.
  • Rigid electronics mounting cross members ensuring linear air gap across the wide web.
  • Pneumatically actuated electrode head for easy treating of the film.
  • Precise air gap adjustment across the width.
  • Stainless steel electrode which can handle heat expansion without getting deformed.
  • Efficient Ozone extraction, to ensure proper cooling of electrodes.