Plasmion 3D+

Key Features, Applications & Technical Details.

New concept equipment for surface treatment

Ideal for products with diverse shapes – 3D, to increase surface cleaning effect and the degree of joining strength which includes printing, painting, bonding, and labeling. Application of Plasmion3d+ and Plasmastra include industries, such as Display, Electronic, Motor,Automobile, Macromolecular Film, Drug, and Metal Industry.


Key Features

  • Effective surface treatment equipment for all kinds of shapes and materials.
  • High-density ion (N, 0, etc) formed in the plasma zone works on the surface of the materials to get rinsing, microetching, hydrophile property effect.
  • In case of Standard Module only electric power and compressed air are used.
  • Possible to use full Remote control with customer’s supplied equipment.
  • Application extends to all kinds of materials -conducive and non-conducive.
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) is used instead of compressed air to enhance effectiveness of surface wash (increase the ratio of ‘0’).


  • Headlight sealing
  • Weather strip coating
  • LCD backlight Lamp
  • Varity nozzles
  • Single head robot system
  • 5 Head System
  • Solar head Glass
  • Semiconductors
  • LCD/PDP glass

Technical Details

  • Input Voltage Volt: 220
  • Input Frequency Hz: 50/60
  • Input Current Amp: 3.5(7.0)
  • Output Voltage K Volt: 3.4
  • Output Frequency KHz: 40 – 60
  • Output Current Amp: 0.1 (0.2)
  • Out Power Watt: 500(and 1000)
  • Max. Ambient Operating Temp Deg.C: 80
  • Discharge Head Ea: 1
  • Weight Kg: 13
  • Shipping weight Kg: 16
  • Dimension Mm(WHD): 420x210x240

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