Narrow Web & Label

Advantages & Features.

A user-friendly and efficient approach to treating substrates

The new generation label press demands compact and efficient corona treatment systems for treatment of variety of substrates at high line speeds. IEEC’s Narrow Web Push-Pull type Corona Treating Station is specially designed keeping the compactness, operator friendliness and efficiency in mind. Available as the RFIM-NW model, the high definition ridge type ceramic electrodes ensure efficient treatment of metalized as well as non- metalized substrates.

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Technical Advantages

  • Working width up to 560mm.
  • Working speeds up to 300mm.
  • Up to 8 ceramic electrodes per side.
  • Compact design to fit in smallest working spaces.
  • Proximity switch for zero speed sensing, pulse block and closed loop feedback for auto-watt density control.
  • Specially designed assembly switch which ensure ultra-fast supply disconnection when actuated.
  • Stainless steel electrode head mounting.
  • Corrosion resistant paint.
  • Easy pull out cartridge design for easy change of electrodes and its maintenance.
  • Single or double side treatment.
  • Vacuum switch for ensuring proper negative pressure.
  • Non inter-changeable plug & socket connection system.

Optional Features

    • Ceramic-coated Treater Rollers for longer operational life.
    • Single side dual pass system.
    • Integrated Touch Screen Interface on the Treating station.