Automation Solutions

Technology & Features.

Drive Technology

Increased flexibility and performance. Reduced maintenance costs.

Our motion control systems are based on the ‘holistic mechatronic system’, which enhances machine performance and lowers engineering costs through standardized and transparent programming, and diagnostics options. Depending on our individual customer’s requirements, we offer high-performance modular motion control systems by Siemens, Rockwell, Lenze, and other manufacturers.

Control Technology

Transparent technology for superior performance.

At IEEC, we have essential tools to simplify your increasingly complex processes. We deploy stored program system controls (PLC), combined with pioneering technologies for operating and monitoring (O&M) and process visualization. This enables us to offer highly-efficient and transparent solutions, at lower costs.


Optimized data transparency across automation levels.

Our highly-skilled engineers develop highly-expressive visualizations with highest transparency across all levels. This includes field and controller level, operations management level, and right-up control level.


The most cost-effective alternative to new investment.

When your production plant undergoes periodic preventive maintenance, system availability can be ensured by replacing the electrical drive and automation system. Depending on the scope, our retrofitted system can reach the same standard of functionality for you, as any world-class system. We observe work safety requirements and EU standards at all times.

Installation & Commissioning

Dependable technicians for a smooth start-up.

We have a proficient team of expert installers and technicians with experience for on-site system electro-technical installation and start-up commissioning. We do this under the scope of a full service policy.